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We provide year-round low rates so you’ll get a great deal on electricity, however, what makes us positively different is our personal, neighbor-like customer service. This is a characteristic that you won’t find with other electricity providers in the city of Hutto.

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Hippo Electricity Service in Hutto, TX

When you call us for utilities in Hutto, a person answers the phone promptly. You won’t have to listen to long menus, push buttons, or wait on hold.

At Hippo Electricity you’ll get a polite, intelligent, local expert ready to answer your questions and set up your electric utilities in the City of Hutto.

See FAQ’s at the Bottom of This Page

We have a thorough understanding of the city of Hutto electricity service. Our knowledge is also relevant to the areas around Hutto, such as Round Rock, Taylor and Pflugerville.  So, if you need electricity in or near those areas, , we can help you with that.



Years ago, when the electricity market changed in the Hutto area, electric utility customers were introduced to a system they knew little about.

Most electric utility companies won’t take the time to explain the key market issues that would help the consumer understand more about this market change.

In fact, it is our opinion that many of these electricity companies would like to keep the consumer UNINFORMED.  We are the not one of those companies.

We know most electricity consumers have some questions they would like honestly answered, and we’ve built our business with that in mind.  We really do enjoy helping people understand the electricity service process. We are patient, we are friendly and we gladly give the time necesssary to answer your questions. We never pressure a customer to ‘sign up’; we leave that decision to you.

We know our electricity rates are good, and we are willing to go the “extra-mile” in customer service.

Helping you save on your Hutto utilities is important to us. So, we study the electricity market for Hutto, TX; we watch the trends, we stay alert to changes, and we share this information with you, which helps with your decision, and provides for consistent savings, month after month.

So, for electricity in Hutto, electricity in Taylor, or even electricity in Pflugerville, give us a call and find out what many others have:   We provide an honest, stress-free electricity service  – Hippo Electricity.   It’s the easiest, most effective way to secure your service at a low rate.


We make it EASY.



Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m

Questions Some People Ask:

Once I get the service connected, who do I call if the power goes out?

In our area you will call “Oncor Electric Delivery.” This company DOES NOT sell electricity; but they maintain the wires/poles and read the meters. A 24 hour emergency service phone number will be provided on your bill. That number for this area is 888-313-4747.


How long will it take to begin my service?

A “Standard Connection” will take 2-3 business days.   For instance, if you call on a Monday, your service can start as soon as Wednesday.  If you call on a Friday, the Standard Connection could occur on the following Tuesday.   However, you may request an “expedite” which can get your electricity service started on the same day if requested early enough on that day.  For instance, you complete your order by 10:00 am on Monday, there is a excellent chance your electricity will be on by the end of that day; sometimes within an hour or two.  Call for specifics.  (See next question for connection fee prices)


How much will it cost to open my account?

There are NO ‘fees’ due at the time of your request for service. (We do not have an automatic requirement for a deposit: see next question on the deposit issue).   The connection fees are minimal, and due on your first bill.  The standard connection fee is less than $3.  The additional fee for an expedite is approximately $5.


Will I have to pay a deposit to start my service?

That will be determined at the time of enrollment.  An instant credit check will be performed to determine if a deposit will be requested.  (Stellar credit is not required to avoid a deposit).   If a deposit is requested, you will find we have some of the lowest deposit requirements in the industry.   For a house, deposits range from $70 to $280.  For apartments or duplexes, deposits range from $40 to $160.   You also will have the option of paying half the deposit at the time of enrollment, and the second half on your first bill.  Call for details.


If I am switching my electricity service provider, how many days will that take?

The switch to another electricity provider in Hutto will usually take place in 1-2 business days. With the standard switch there are no connection fees. You can also ‘self’ select a switch date, up to 90 days in the future, for a fee of approximately $5.00.  The self selected switch date is a great tool when you know your current contract is going to expire in a couple of months, and you would like to take advantage of the low rates available at the time of enrollment.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. You will have access to an online account where you can pay your bill online, set up auto-bill pay, view your usage history, print past bills, change contact information and perform other tasks related to your account.


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