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Q: What does a Hippo get when he goes to a gym everyday?

A: Hippopotamuscles


Q: What does a Hippo put on his hotdog?

A:  Hippotamustard


Q: What does a Hippo get if he stops shaving?

A: A Hippotamustache


Q: What do you call an insincere Hippo?

A: A Hippocrite


Q: How can you ensure that a Hippo is telling you the truth?

A: Have him take the Hippocratic oath!


Q:  What happens to a Hippo if they get too cold?

A: They come down with Hippothermia


Q: What large animal can put you into a trance?

A: A Hipnopotamus


How to Draw A Hippo Cartoon


Hippo Physical Characteristics

The Hippo can be as heavy as 3 1/2 tons.  The Hippo can be as tall as 5 ft, and as long as 13 ft.  The hippo’s size indicate its inactive, amphibious everyday living. Its big and heavy body is set on short, stumpy legs, with each of the legs having four toes. Although webbed, the feet splay enough to spread the weight consistently over each toe and therefore effectively support the animal on surfaces.

With really thick skin, especially over the back and rump, the skin color grayish-brown and almost completely bald, with only a few bristles near the face and the end of the tail. The hippo has neither sweat or oil glands but does have exclusive glands that generate a red liquid, creating the belief that hippos “sweat blood.” The hippo depends on water or mud for temperature control, and the red liquid may have a similar purpose, but it is often created in large volumes when the creature is excited.


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